And Sua Santita Just Doesn't Feel Like Being God's Representative on Earth...

At the very beginning of this year, I knew that next twelve months were going to be a significant part of my entire life. But how could I have been predicted that I was going to be a witness of an occasion that happens once in a millenium?

Yes, my dear ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the flamboyant resignation of our honourable bishop of Rome, a.k.a. Pope Benedict XVI.

You might not share my excitement about this occasion but, I should say that a voluntary papal resignation is far more rarer than the visits of Halley's Comet. I mean, we see that glamourous lady of Mr. Halley in every 75 or 76 years, but the last time a papal resignation happened was nearly 600 years before now -in 1415, Pope Gregory XII resigned to end the western schism. OH yes, that gape was the expression I've been waiting for, since the second paragraph.

When I heard that the very first brothel of history was founded by order of the Pope, I thought that the enterprise of Papacy wouldn't surprise me anymore. Well, apparently I couldn't be more wrong.
As I know, becoming a Pope is like giving a pinky promise to God. And the pledge must include being the nicest guy on the earth, praising before every meal, sanctifying people with a baton in some important days of the year and, of course, not to evading those duties by pulling the cloak of weakness-caused-by-senectitude, and resigning like Papacy is just a well-paid job -as I've heard, it is a well-paid heavenly ambassadorship.

So to whom he offered his resignation? God? How? By praying?
Why exactly did he do this?
What will happen to all Catholics who lost their leader?
Will he congratulate or give tips on Papacy to the next Pope?
Why do they have to smash his magnificent Papacy ring?
What will he do and how will people call him after the new pope is chosen?
I don't know.

Soon-to-be-ex Pope Benedict says nothing about his resignation but wishes to continue to serve the Catholic church "through a life dedicated to prayer".
So, tell me my dear Christians, what is next?

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